The Child Welfare Society of Kenya is a State Corporation for the care, protection, welfare and adoption of children vide Legal Notice No. 58 of 23/05/2014. It is the National Adoption Society for Kenya and the National Emergency Response, Welfare and Rescue Organization for children. The government agency was established and gazetted in 1955 as an approved society gazette notice 1768 of 27/12/1955, an exempt society gazette notice 1536 of 04/11/1955, Certificate of Exemption number 455 and the Adoption Society for Kenya, gazette notice No. 1356 of 28/04/1969. Read more


CWSK’s vision is to see all the children and  young persons leading a happy, fulfilling and fruitful life.



Exists to promote & secure the rights of children and young persons in order for them to realize their full potential.

 These Children are looking for their families

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