This programme involves, firstly, addressing child protection concerns and ensuring protection of children during emergencies through responding to any emergencies that may take place in any part of the country.

Secondly, it involves establishment /strengthening of local community structures and building the capacity of duty bearers, children/young persons and other stakeholders on enhancing child protection in emergencies.

This includes but is not limited to establishment of child protection committees, child friendly spaces, provision of psychosocial support and identification, registration, tracing and reunification of separated / unaccompanied minors among others.

CWSK was formed during Kenya’s first emergency to respond to child protection concerns, a task it has carried out effectively to date and continues with care and the fight for children’s rights in Kenya. For example in the most recent times within this programme CWSK made a major impact on child protection issues in the lives of children during the post election violence (PEV) that took place in Kenya early 2008.

CWSK responded immediately and as a result registered 8,165 children who were separated and out of them reunified 6,165. In addition CWSK provided psychosocial support to 52,112 displaced children. CWSK continues to respond to emergencies when need arises.