Who can adopt a child in Kenya?

  • Joint applicants who are married
  • Minimum age of applicant is 25 years and at least 21 older than child to be adopted
  • Applicant who is 21 and is a relative of the child
  • Applicant who is a single mother

Who cannot adopt a child in Kenya?

  • A sole male applicant intending to adopt a female child
  • A sole female applicant who intending to adopt a male child
  • Applicant above the age of 65
  • A homosexual applicant

Can a foreigner adopt a child in Kenya?

  • Yes, provided that (among other requirements) the applicant resides in Kenya for at least 3 months during bonding process with the child
  • Foreigner who cannot adopt: (i) sole female applicant (ii) sole male applicant

Should a child be told he or she was adopted?

  • Yes, but it depends on the age and maturity of the child

How do i benefit as a member of CWSK?

  • You become part of the biggest organisation that supports children in Kenya
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